As a part of GreenFORCE teaching exchange activities,professors from POLIS University of Tirana(Albania), Ph.D.LlazarKumaraku, Dean of the Faculty of Planning, Environment and Urban Management, and Ph.D. Malvina Istrefaj (Koliçi), Head of Scientific Research Department, successfully concluded their teaching exchange activities in University of Belgrade—Faculty of Geography (UB-GEF), from May 26thto 29th, 2024.

They conducted public open lectures with a duration of 60 minutes each, with discussions and questions held with the audience at the end. These lectures targeted the urban context, highlighting the importance of urban and architectural design instruments in contemporary planning in the Western Balkans.

More specifically:

  • LlazarKumaraku addressed the strategies for urban space regeneration at the settlement level, emphasizing the use of the anti-pole as a strategy in urban interventions. Defining the typologies and role of hotels, in the urban setting communist cities.
  • Malvina Istrefaj (Koliçi) presented the urban setting of communist cities from the aspect of defining the typologies and roles of hotels in the case of Albania. She investigated the affinity between architecture and tourism empowering, in order to generate an understanding of the design elements that directly contribute to tourism development.

After very interesting and informative presentations, students had the opportunity to discuss urban reality and the potentials of Serbian and Albanian cities in the urban and spatial planning context, while also tackling the role of just green transition in the presented themes.    

During their visit researchers from POLIS University also engaged in institutional meetings with peers at the Belgrade Faculty of Geography and discussed opportunities for cooperation in various fields.

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