Secondments Nordregio with UB-GEF and CEA

Staff exchange between the partner organisations is one of the key mechanisms to foster institutional learning.

In May 2024, staff members of Nordregio participated in consecutive placements with UB-GEF in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and with CEA in North Macedonia. The intensive agenda featured a mix of objectives and activities in multiple locations designed to facilitate co-learning and multi-directional knowledge transfer. The activities were aligned with the project tasks and deliverables, including the development of policy briefs, the Shared Research Agenda, and a roadmap outlining potential ‘Pathways for macroregional collaboration in the Western Balkans’.

The emphasis of the placement was not solely to advance project tasks but also to share experiences and work on them together with colleagues from the partner organisations. Concrete examples of this collaborative effort and joint capacity-building included conducting interviews with relevant stakeholders about the challenges and opportunities of cross-border collaboration, as well as brainstorming approaches for structuring policy documents.

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