Second Meeting of the Research Advisory Board (RAB) in Belgrade

The second Research Advisory Board (RAB) Meeting of the GreenFORCE project was held in Belgrade, on May 17th, 2024. This was the second of three meetings with honoured researchers, who advised the partners on the intermediate research case results during the project time frame.

During the meeting, the partners of the GreenFORCE consortium showcased significant progress in their ongoing research cases. These cases focus on assessing JGT (Just Green Transitions) in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia. The presentations highlighted advancements in understanding the efficacy, environmental impact, and practical applications of JGT in these regions.To view the presentations given, click here.

The recommendations and suggestions provided by the RAB members are instrumental in refining the research methodologies and approaches. Theexperts offered critical feedback to enhance the quality and robustness of the research activities. The research teams will meticulously address their advice, ensuring that the GreenFORCE project not only meets but exceeds its scientific and practical goals.

Moreover, the collaborative spirit of the meeting fostered a rich exchange of ideas and experiences among the participants, paving the way for future innovations and improvements. The diverse perspectives of the RAB members, combined with the dedicated efforts of the consortium partners, underscore the project’s commitment towards the JGT in the Western Balkans

The insights gained from this meeting will be integrated into the ongoing research efforts. As the project progresses, the RAB’s continued engagement will ensure that the research remains aligned with cutting-edge scientific standards and practical needs, ultimately leading to impactful and enduring outcomes.

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