International Summer School with the theme 'Cities in Just Green Transitions’ and a focus on ‘Turin post-carbon transformations'

The International Summer School with the theme ‘Cities in Just Green Transitions’ and a focus on ‘Turin post-carbon transformations‘ will be held in Turin, Italy on 18-22 September, 2023.

This summer school aims to involve students from U_Polis, UB-GEF and PoliTO in identifying the challenges and opportunities of just and green transitions in Turin’s post-carbon city context. The main challenge is operationalising the green transition principles in the study’s specific context. To face it, spatial and landscape planning instruments and decision-making strategies should be coordinated within a coherent and integrated framework.

The students will attend several lectures and working group activities that introduce the challenges they will have to focus on and present possible ways to approach them. Besides the local perspective, students will learn from European and Western Balkans examples and case studies. They will be supervised and mentored by an international, multi-disciplinary teaching staff during their activity. 

This Summer School positions within this articulated process, and it challenges the selected students to explore possible transition and transformation paths, in so doing, learning from the experience of Turin lessons that could then be transferred and adapted in other contexts in Europe and beyond. More in general, students will be invited to reflect on the just and green transitions as complex, multi-faceted phenomena that redefine mainstream development models towards a more socio-environmental and carbon-neutral society.

This summer school is the first of three stand-alone teaching events that will each host up to 20 students. Students attending at least one of the stand-alone teaching events may decide to work more thoroughly on this topic through the development of their master thesis under the supervision of one or more professors involved in the summer school.

For more information on this summer school:

Students from U_POLIS can click here.

Students from UB-GEF can click here.

Students from PoliTO can view their e-mail inbox and also click here.

Deadline for applications is 26.05.2023!

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